Call for Papers

27-31 Jul. 2022 Xi’an China

Physical: Xi’an & Virtual: Online through Tencent Meeting & Zoom


Prof. Liejin Guo
Xi’an Jiaotong University
Xi’an, China

Multiphase flows in transportation, conversion and utilization of energy include heat and mass transfer, combustion, chemical reactions, etc., with two or more substances in different phases, states and mixture compositions. Multiphase flow involves the material structure and the transmission characteristics of both matter and energy and therefore deeply relates to the basics of physics, chemistry and materials science.

Multiphase flows and their phenomena are encountered in various application fields, such as the use of fossil, renewable, hydrogen and nuclear energy, as well as power engineering, the petrochemical industry, the environment and so on. The applications require building a bridge between basic research and industries, which plays a fundamental and indispensable role in energy science and technologies for the development of industry and the human society.

By following the conference series of the International Symposium on Multiphase Flow, Heat Mass Transfer and Energy Conversion (ISMF), which has been successfully held since 1984, the newly established World Conference on Multiphase Transportation, Conversion & Utilization of Energy (MTCUE-2022) will continue to provide a first-class academic exchange platform for scholars, students and engineering technicians to discuss the frontier and challenging problems in multiphase flow.

MTCUE Topics

MTCUE covers a wide spectrum from fundamental research to industrial application, with topics including but not limited to:

1 Interfacial Phenomena & Mechanisms

2 Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

3 Reactive Multiphase Flow

4 Modeling and Numerical Methodologies

5 Measurement and Instrumentation

6 Multiphase Flow in Industrial Process

7 Resource Exploitation (rare-earth, oil & gas)

8 Organic Waste Conversion and Utilization

9 Hydrogen Production and Utilization

10 Low Carbon Technology and New Energy

11 Interdisciplinary Multiphase Flow (medicine, bionic, ...)

Key Dates and Venue

Abstract submission:

before 15 June 2022

MTCUE abstracts should be submitted to ammf@mail.xjtu.edu.cn. A submission should include an abstract and short biography (of its presenter), up to two A4 pages and prepared using MS Words with the template. (Please Download the MTCUE-Abstract-template)

Notification of abstract acceptance:

before 30 June 2022

Conference dates:

27-31 July 2022


Selected papers will be recommended to:

 Science Bulletin(Invited Only, IF=11.78)

 Applied Thermal Engineering(Special issue, IF=5.295)

 Petroleum Science(Invited only, IF=4.090)

 Physics of Fluids(Special Issue, IF=3.521)

 Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects(Invited Only, IF=3.447)

 Flow Measurement and Instrumentation(Special Issue, IF=2.037)

Symposium General Information

Symposium booklet: One conference booklet will be published at the conference. It includes conference program, abstracts and biographies of presenters.

Presentations: The conference will include plenary, keynote, invited, oral and poster presentations. A few best poster awards will be given with certificates.

Website: More details about organization, program, venue, hotel accommodation and the template of abstract are available in the website: http://www.mtcue.org/.

The conference secretary: Prof. Hui Jin. Email: ammf@mail.xjtu.edu.cn.