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Introduction to MTCUE-2022

27-31 Jul. 2022, Hybrid Conference(Maybe postponed due to the Covid-19)

Xi’an, China

Energy is the essential basis for human survival and sustainable development. Building a clean, low-carbon and efficient energy system has become a world consensus. The clean, low-carbon and efficient utilization of fossil energy and the large-scale, low-cost and efficient utilization of renewable energy have become the important tasks and the inevitable challenges for the current human society.

Multiphase flow is a basic science to study multiphase fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, combustion, chemical reaction, etc., in which two or more substances with different phases, states and components coexist and have a clear interface. Multiphase flow not only involves the material structure and the transmission characteristics of basic particles and energy, but also deeply integrates with basic sciences such as physics, chemistry and materials. Multiphase flow and its phenomena have been encountered in various application fields, such as fossil energy, renewable energy, hydrogen energy, nuclear energy, power engineering, petrochemical industry, environment and so on. It builds an important bridge between basic theoretical research and industrial engineering practice. It plays an important supporting and irreplaceable role in the breakthrough of energy science theories, the development of energy technologies, and even the revolution of industry and human society systems.

By following the series conferences of International Symposium on Multiphase Flow, Heat Mass Transfer and Energy Conversion (ISMF), which has been successfully held since 1984, the newly established World Conference on Multiphase Transportation, Conversion & Utilization of Energy (MTCUE-2022) will continue to provide a first-class academic exchange platform for scholars, students and engineering technicians to discuss the frontier and challenging problems in multiphase flow, including the basic phenomena and theory, the modelling and mathematical methods, the interface reaction and process, etc., as well as the latest progresses in energy systems and technologies. It will encourage the presentation of the cutting-edge research results closely related to multiphase flow in the basic phenomena, underlying mechanism, mathematical methods and other basic theories in the process of energy conversion and utilization. MTCUE-2022 will be in Xi’an on 27-31 Jul. 2022, covering a wide spectrum from fundamental research to industrial application.

MTCUE-2022 (in English) will be held as the subsequent series of ISMF, in conjunction with the 3rd International Symposium on Thermal-Fluid Dynamics (ISTFD2022). One registration is valid for all conferences. The conference consists of plenary, keynote, invited, oral, poster presentations and seminars.