Beautiful Scenery

1. The Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower in Xi’an is situated in the very heart of the city and at the junction of four main roads. To the west of the Bell Tower is the Drum Tower. The feeling here is almost of a “city within a city” and the streets around this district heading up to the Mosque are like a small village crammed with people selling all kinds of weird and wonderful things.


2. The Xi’an City Wall.

The Xi’an City Wall is located in the center of Xi’an City. It measures 12 meters high, 18meters wide at the base and 15 meters wide at the top. It is 13.7 kilometers long and the length of the east, west, south and north walls are, respectively, 2590 m, 2631.2m,3441.6 m and 3241 m. It has four gates: Changle Gate in the east, Anding Gate in the west, Yongning Gate in the south and Anyuan Gate in the north. The existing wall was built between 1374 and 1378, making it over 600 years old. It is the oldest and most well preserved city wall in all of China.


3. Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. In 221 B.C., Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Qin dynasty established the first centralized feudal dynasty in China. After his death, he was buried at the north foot of Lishan Hill in the east of Lintong country. In 1974, three large pits of terra-cotta figures were found. Over 6,000 clay warriors are regarded as the eighth wonder of the world.


4. The Dayan Pagoda

The Dayan Pagoda is located within the premises of the Temple of Great Maternal Grace (Dacien Si). This magnificent pagoda is four kilometers south of Xi’an and many regard it as a symbol of the city. The pagoda, built in 652 A.D., stands at 60 meters high. According to legend, the Temple was built to protect Buddhist scriptures collected in India by the Chinese monk, Xuan Zang.


5. Lotus Palace of Tang Dynasty (Datang Furong Garden)

Datang Furong Garden covers an area of more than 66 hectare and displays the royal garden style of the Tang Dynasty, which located on the bank of Qujiang River. Including Ziyunlou, Shizhuangguan, Yuyan Palace, Fanglinyuan, Luyu Tea Club, Tangshi, Qujiang Stream and many other attractions. Datang Furong Garden will bring you the only Chinese Tang Dynasty cultural journey with its unique charm and unparalleled historical status.


6. Great Tang All Day Mall

Great Tang All Day Mall is located at the foot of the wild goose pagoda in Yanta District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. It starts from the South Square of the wild goose pagoda in the north, the Tang city wall site in the south, Ci'en East Road in the East and Ci'en West Road in the West. The block is 2100 meters long from north to South and 500 meters wide from east to west, with a total construction area of 650000 square meters.

With the prosperous Tang culture as the background and Tang style as the main line, Great Tang All Day Mall has four squares: Dayan Pagoda North Square, Xuanzang square, Zhenguan square and Chuangling New Times Square, four cultural venues such as Xi'an concert hall, Shaanxi Grand Theater, Xi'an Art Museum and Qujiang Pacific Film City, Datang Buddha culture, Datang heroes spectrum, Zhenguan rule, Wu houxing Five cultural sculptures such as Kaiyuan Shengshi are the first choice for the exhibition and experience of Tang culture in Xi'an. 

On April 29, 2019, Great Tang All Day Mall was listed as one of the first batch of 11 pilot pedestrian streets in China. In July 2020, Great Tang All Day Mall was selected into the list of the first batch of national demonstration pedestrian streets.