Professor Ben Xu

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mississippi State University


Prof. Ben Xu received his PhD from University of Arizona in 2015, he then stayed at Drexel University for one-year as a postdoctoral research associate. From 2016 to 2020, Prof. Ben Xu started his tenure-track Assistant Professor at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Since Fall 2020, Prof. Ben Xu joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University. Prof. Xu’s research focuses on multiphase flow and heat transfer, additive manufacturing and laser-assisted bioprinting. Prof. Xu has published more than 50 peer reviewed papers, and he has received more than $1 million research fund from US DOE, NSF, NASA. Prof. Xu is the Chair of Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion technical committee in ASME Advanced Energy System Division, and he is the technical program co-chair of ASME Energy Sustainability Conference 2022. 

Title: Multiphase Heat Transfer and Additive Manufacturing in High Temperature Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Systems

Abstract: In this presentation, Prof. Ben Xu will discuss three major components in a concentrated solar power system, and they are thermal storage system, solar receiver, and heat rejection system. The multiphase heat transfer in thermal storage system and heat rejection system will be discussed from numerical simulation perspective, and the discussion about solar receiver will mainly focus on the additive manufacturing of novel nickel-based super-alloy for high temperature and high corrosion application. At the end, Prof. Xu will list out some future research topics in Gen3 CSP system.