Prof. Chunyu Zhu 

School of Low-carbon Energy and Power Engineering

China University of Mining and Technology


Chunyu Zhu received his Ph.D degree in Hokkaido University (Japan) in 2012. Then he received the support from JSPS fellowship (2012-2014) and received the assistant professor position (2016-2019) in Hokkaido University. He was a full professor since 2019 in China University of Mining and Technology. He focuses on the research of energy storage, including the thermal energy storage, electrochemical energy storage and hydrogen storage. He is now the head of the department of Energy Storage Science and Engineering in China University of Mining and Technology. He has more than 100 publications indexed by SCI and more than 3000 citations, among which more than 50 papers were published as the first/corresponding author. 

Title: Al-based metallic macrocapsule for high temperature phase change thermal storage

Abstract: Metallic phase change materials (PCMs) has advantages of high heat storage density, high thermal conductivity. This study reports a novel encapsulation method to achieve Al-based macrocapsules with good leakage prevention and high cyclability up to 500 cycles even under air atmosphere. Voids are artfully introduced inside the macrocapsules, which can accommodate large volume expansion of Al PCM during melting. For the Al@Al2O3 macrocapsules, the latent heat of Al core reaches 357.4 J/g.