Professor Yanlin Zhao  

International Joint Laboratory on Clean Energy Science and Technology

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering

China University of Petroleum(Beijing) 


Yanlin Zhao, full professor since 2019 in China University of Petroleum (Beijing). She focuses on the basic and applied research in the field of particles and multiphase flow, especially on the particle wall interaction effect and flow characteristics of multiphase flow. She is currently the member of the Teaching Committee of thermal engineering of higher engineering education of China Machinery Industry Education Association, the young director of China particle association, the member of multiphase flow measurement Committee of China Metrology and Testing Association, and the editorial board member of the international journal “Petroleum Science”. She undertook over 6 projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation Project and the Ministry of education's research start-up fund. She has 63 publications, including 44 indexed by SCI (15 / 18 papers by the sole first author / corresponding author), 602 citations by SCI, H=12. She has 2 Monographs (both first authors, Science Press), and 7 invention patents (6 first authors). In 2020, she won the excellent editorial board award of “Petroleum Science”. In 2019, she won the “Chen Xuejun” Award for outstanding papers of young scholars and the best paper award of the 11th International Conference on multiphase flow measurement". In 2021, she won the “excellent youth report award” of the 8th China UK particle forum. In 2013, she was selected into the “youth top talent program” of China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

Title: Synergistic erosion–corrosion behavior of X80 pipeline steel at various impingement angles in two-phase flow impingement

Abstract: The purpose of this investigation was to document and understand the erosion-corrosion of X80 pipeline steel under different angles of attack in two-phase flow impingement. The erosion- corrosion behavior of X80 pipeline steel was studied by using sand jet. The weight loss, surface morphology and electrochemical performance of X80 pipeline steel under different angles of impact (30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°) were studied at 12 m/s flow rate. The synergistic mechanism of erosion corrosion of X80 pipeline steel under different environment was analyzed. The experimental results show that the weight loss of the sample in pure water increased with the decrease of the impact angle. The weight loss of the sample in the sodium chloride solution decreased first and then increased with the decrease of the impact angle, reaching a minimal value at 60◦ impact angle. Positive synergy was observed at all impact angles, and synergy was most significant when the impact angle was 90◦. The samples impacted at 30◦ showed the best corrosion resistance by electrochemical measurement. The corrosion resistance of the sample was consistent with the synergistic effect.